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Why is Mac OS Chosen Over Other Operating Systems?

Mac operating system is designed using better technology which makes it smooth and easier to use. This operating system is abundant with all those features that one expects in an OS. Mac OS is much safer than any other OS in the market. Cybercriminals cannot easily make it a target of virus and malware. The only limitation of this operating system is that these can only be used with Apple hardware like MacBook. However, everything looks good in this but still you will find some technical issues with it. These issues may vary from user to user but they may arise up.

What Can Make Mac OS Faulty?

There can be multiple reasons due to which your Mac OS can get infected from technical issues. It can be anything, right from wrong installation of the OS to its mis-configuration.

Can’t Open Safari on Mac OS

This issue generally happens if you are using an outdated version of any of Mac OS or Safari, please check for updates. Also, check for startup disk using Disk Utility. If nothing works then try reinstalling Mac OS.

Update Mac OS to Sierra

From the app store menu, click the Update tab. You will see software update window, there click Update. Let Mac OS get downloaded and installed and then restart your device. After restarting you will be able to use Sierra software.

Mac Won’t Boot Up

When your Mac doesn’t turn on, you can try to run power cycle to wake it up. Running power cycle takes just 20 seconds. The other possible solution to this problem could be resetting SMC and PRAM to get start the system

Beach Ball Issue

Occasionally, pointer turns into a spinning beach ball, when this happens, try pressing Cmd+ to cancel whatever is afoot. If this doesn’t turn out to be effective then switch to Finder or any other app and continue with your work. This issue will automatically get resolved.