03 August, 2018

What To Do If Mac Won’t Shut Down?

However, turning off the MacBook is extremely easy but some technical issue can make it quite a painful task. First of all, give your Mac sometime to turn off. Before shutting down Mac closes all app and files that were opened by you. It might take a minute or so to complete this task. Simple, select Apple and click on Shutdown. Then leave your Mac for five minutes.

Sometimes, user face problem in shutting down their device because there is an app that fails to close. Maybe you forgot to save a document in that app or it got crashed or frozen. If you are unable to analyze if the problem is associated with the app or not then you can connect with knowledgeable people whom you can contact at Apple Phone Number UK.

Sometimes user even can’t able to shutdown their system because Mac got frozen. When you can’t move your cursor then it will become difficult for you to shut down your device. In this case, you can press the power button for a couple of seconds. This will bring up a dialog box asking you if you want to sleep, restart or shut down. Press Control + power button or Eject + power button to shut down your system. If still, you face the same issue then you need to force it to switch off. Alternatively, you can ask Apple Technical Service providers to help you in this case.

Mac shut down problem can be a result of different possibilities.

You can try the given troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue:

• Please analyze if there is any particular app that is causing the issue while shutting down the PC. If so, then please update that particular app or reinstall it.
• You can also perform software update of your PC. For this, click on the App store and then go to Update and tap on Update All.
• If there is any software that you installed outside the app store then update that as well. For this, open the Apps and click on Help. After this, go to Update or App and then click Update software.
• Backup your Mac data and then reinstall the Mac OS.
• Make sure that the FileVault is turned off.
• Reset System Management Console.If you want you can consult technicians on Apple Helpline Number UK.
• Open Disk Utility and select the main hard drive, then click Verify Disk. If you find any problem then click Repair Disk.

Hope after following our suggestions you are now able to shut down your Mac device without any problem.