23 August, 2018

What should be done when MacBook freezes up?

When yourMacBook freezes up, or appears asfreeze, it has occurred due to a single application or sometimes an underlying system process. When you are not able to close applications or issue while launching the Activity Monitor, you need to shut down your MacBook. If you are in need of detailed overview of the issue with its rectification, read this blog thoroughly.

Steps for Quitting Frozen Applications Forcefully:

• For seeing the Dock, you need to drag the cursor to the bottom. After that, hold down the Option key and click the icon for the frozen application until a pop-up menu shows up. Now, choose Force Quit or Quit so as to make the frozen application disappear.

• Now, you need to press and hold Command, Option, Shift and Escape simultaneously for about three seconds. This will force quit the front-most application. For related query, call at 0808-169-1988 Apple Contact Number UK and stay stress free.

• Now Press Command, Option, and Escape key simultaneously and then release the three keys at the same time. Thereafter, look for the running applications. And then tap on the applications to choose them and click the Force Quit option for the time being there are no more unresponsive applications listed.

The best way to find an Unresponsive Process:

• As the first step, you need to press Command and Spacebar simultaneously. Now input Activity Monitor in the Spotlight search field, and press Enter. The Activity Monitor window will open after that.

• You will see the CPU or computer processor is listed at the top with a percentage. When the application dictates that it is "Not Responding," click the red "Quit Process" button.

• Now save the entire work on any other programs you were running. And then restart your Mac accordingly.

When MacBook has freeze up completely:

• You need to press Control, Command and Eject simultaneously. And restart the device then.

• Thereafter, proceed to Press and hold the Power button for six seconds to shut down the device. After that, restart the device.

• Now, disconnect the AC adapter or you can then replace the battery, reconnect the AC adapter and then turn on the device.

If the issue is still not resolved, tell the tech representatives available at 0808-169-1988 MacBook Help Number UK and get best resolutions on the spot. The experts are way talented and dictate you the best fixation method to resolve the problem confronted.

Source: - http://www.applehelpnumber.co.uk/