20 April, 2018

What if app crashes or become unresponsive on iPad?

Generally, Apps in a device get crashed when there is something problematic or there is some issue with the device itself. And the same thing goes with an iPad. You may notice that your iPad keeps on freezing while in use or using different applications. Your screen will freeze and will stay unresponsive for a short period. Sometimes, it itself get corrected but there are also times when you have to follow some procedure to do the needful. You can talk to the tech supporters available at 24*7 Apple Support Number in the UK for the best assistance ever.

Without apps, your iPad is of no use. Therefore, when the app crashes out, it means it is unable to work or become unresponsive. You can easily fix this kind of situation with the right steps as suggested in this blog. The steps are as given below:

Re-launch your App:

Whenever this type of situation hangs against you, the best approach that you can take is to re-launch the app you have issue with or clear it from your device’s memory. What you need to do is just force close or quit the app and re-launch it. Press your device’s home button quickly for twice and locate the problem app or close the app by swiping up on the app’s preview. And then re-launch it from the Home Screen.

Force Reboot your iPad:

When re-launching the app doesn’t do any favor, you can try to force reboot your iPad, which will clear the RAM and kill any apps. After restarting, the app gets reloaded into the RAM.

Look for the Latest Updates:

When the app crashes immediately after you launch it, it can be due to compatibility issues. In this case you must go for a new version of the app. And when the app does not update automatically, check the App Store for the latest updates.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app:

When the above procedure is of no use, you must try to delete and reinstall the app that will eventually resolve the problem. And then you have to reinstall the app that will help clear the app cache and free up storage space.

Install the latest version of iOS on your iPad:

If you are using an older version of the operating system on your device, then there is none other better option than to update it with the latest version, even if the main apps are compatible with the older version. And if you want stable assistance for installing the latest version, you can talk to the tech personalities who are well trained for the issues like this. Just connect to them at Apple Contact Number in the UK. They feel very lucky to help your problem being resolved.

Source: - http://www.applehelpnumber.co.uk/